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How to Find Safe and Effective Mental Health Care

Managing stress at work

How to be mentally healthy at work

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Toxic Workplaces at a Glance

Coping with grief & loss while working in restaurants 

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How to find your leadership style 
Harvard Business Review

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
An association for human resource management professionals. Discover factsheets and reports on leadership styles and skills, effective leaders, transformational leadership and leading teams.

Collective Leadership

This free course, Collective Leadership, will give you an insight into the importance of how to be a more effective leader, and how to better engage and work with ‘followers’ in an organisational setting.

Career Development for individuals and managers


What we're reading

‘A Toolkit for Modern Life:
53 Ways to Look After Your Mind’
by Dr Emma Hepburn

‘A Toolkit for Your Emotions:
45 ways to feel better’
by Dr Emma Hepburn

‘A Toolkit for Happiness:
55 Ways to Feel Better’
by Dr Emma Hepburn

by Dr Sohpie Mort

‘A Manual for Being Human’
by Dr Sophie Mort

‘The Compassionate Mind (Compassion Focused Therapy)’
by Professor Paul

‘The Compassionate Mind Workbook:
A step-by-step guide to developing your
compassionate self’
by Chris Irons and Dr Elaine Beaumont

‘The Phone Fix:
The Brain-Focused Guide to Building Healthy Digital Habits and
Breaking Bad Ones’
by Dr Faye Begeti

‘Your Mental Health Toolkit:
A Card Deck: 45 Cards to Navigate Difficult
Emotions’ by Dr Emma Cotterill

Other Organisations
doing great work

Equal Measures

A UK organisation founded to support marginalised groups and individuals who face systemic barriers to their progression.
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Our Whiskey

Founded by Becky Paskin, the OurWhisky Foundation is a non-profit organisation to recognise, support and empower women working in whisky around the world, while advocating for a more inclusive and diverse industry.
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A platform and young communication agency with the aim of inclusivity and gender equality in hospitality. Developed mainly on social media with a focus on giving visibility to the people who are part of the industry and improving the hospitality sector for everyone.
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Celebrate Her

Founded by UK-based hospitality consultant Anna Sebastian, aims to elevate and support women in the hospitality industry to progress their careers, and has brought together an incredible number of women who are constantly networking within its various channels. Join their Global WhatsApp community.
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Focus on Health

Founded by award-winning bartender, Alex Jump, FOH provides health and wellness programming and training for the food and beverage industries and works with a collective of female massage therapists, acupuncturists and herbalists who provide free services during wellness events.
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