The Ada Coleman Project & Legacy

The inspiration

Women play many key roles and ‘make up 70% of the hospitality industry’s workforce globally, (however) they hold less than 40% of managerial positions, (and) less than 20% of general management roles,’* and are under-represented, sometimes severely, at many regional and global bar shows, cocktail weeks and other industry-wide celebrations. Although gains have been made toward equality and inclusion, much work still needs to be done. Over the past two years, The Ada Coleman Project team has engaged with bar show organisations along with owners of some of the world’s top-ranked cocktail bars, and brand owners concluding that in some cases there is a lack of awareness of and/or access to prominent women in the drinks industry. We are firm believers in the philosophy of not calling attention to inequities without also offering feasible avenues toward better practices, thus our database and digital space idea was born to help close these gaps.

*Un Tourism: Bringing the World Closer.” Women’s Empowerment and Tourism, Report from 2019. Statistic from 2015.

The Solution

The Ada Coleman Project is a groundbreaking initiative has created a dedicated digital space for women+ in the hospitality and drinks industry. The website provides links to a wide range of materials, including educational content, health & well-being support organisations, articles, and industry news. It is a hub for staying updated on the latest trends, techniques, and opportunities within the field. In addition, the educational workshops and networking opportunities planned by the team focus on building the confidence and skills of women+ looking to take the next step in their careers. One of the standout features of the Ada Coleman Project is its dynamic rotating global database of accomplished women and non-binary people in the drinks industry. This database has been designed to serve as a crucial tool for event organisers, competition hosts, bar show organisers, and establishments looking to diversify their panel of guest speakers, masterclass hosts, competition judges, and guest bartenders.

the pink lady logo evolving with wine lower at the onset and full when we have all of our candidates


Our Hanky Panky-inspired logo directly reflects our initiative and is the first of its kind in that it will react and evolve with positive change. The inaugural near-empty glass will at first raise questions in people’s minds, which will inevitably spark conversation. The logo will be ever-evolving, as it’s an interactive representation of women and inclusivity in the industry. The more women are included, the more the glass will fill.             

Our hope is that one day our glass will over-flow.

Women+ Illustration .

Pillars of The Ada Coleman Project

Our mission is to not only bring awareness to the current inequities in the representation of women+ in educational and recreational bartending roles but to also offer meaningful solutions. Our vision is to spotlight the women who innovate and inspire us as an industry, in an effort to raise awareness and encourage meaningful conversation regarding the need for a more balanced and diverse selection of leaders educating, speaking and advocating for the next generation, and beyond.

To cultivate a more inclusive and representative approach to drinks education

To empower our fellow women+ in hospitality

To inspire future generations

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